What’s New

Check out OpenFind’s timeline! We’ve made a lot of progress.

Major update! Find v2 → OpenFind

OpenFind (formerly Find) has been open-sourced!!!

Several months ago I decided to take the app in a completely new direction - Find v3.

Find v3 is now available under the name Find.

The older version of Find has been renamed to OpenFind to reflect its open source status!

Apr 22, 2022

Ultra Major ReleaseDownload Now!

Version 2.0.0

Version 2.0 graphic

The biggest update to Find, ever.

  • Photos. The algorithm now delivers results instantly.
  • Camera. Now with zoom, panning, and landscape mode.
  • Lists. Check out the completely redesigned editor with sharing support.
  • Search bar. Add multiple bars and filter lists automatically.
  • Settings. Manage preferences in a brand-new interface.
  • Landscape mode. Use the app in any orientation.
  • Launch time. Find now launches almost 2x faster.
  • And much, much more.

May 22, 2022

Latest Release

Version 2.0.6

Added a new launch screen!

  • Replaced the RealityKit launch screen with a pure SwiftUI one.
    • This makes loading much faster.
  • Fixed a bug where photos wouldn’t appear with Display Zoom enabled.
  • Added a link to help translate Find. (thank you!)
  • Updated the share screen

May 20, 2022

Version 2.0.5

More optimization for huge photo libraries.
  • Photos is now up to 6x faster than v2.0.4.

May 14, 2022

Version 2.0.4

A couple improvements.
  • Supports huge photos libraries (like even if you have 20k+ Find should handle it)
  • Supports slanted text (so the app will work even if your photo is sideways)
  • New setting: Highlight Padding
  • Smoother animations due to a bug fix in Popovers
  • Some easter eggs - try typing /strawberry or /gradient in a search bar. Thanks Eleni and Leo!

Apr 27, 2022

Version 2.0.3

Bug fixes for iPad.
  • Fixes a crash when editing lists on iPad.

Apr 25, 2022

Version 2.0.2

iCloud support and small improvements.
  • Find can now download photos stored in iCloud and scan them!
  • The camera status indicator now shows a tip when no text is entered.

Apr 24, 2022

Version 2.0.1

Minor changes and bug fixes.
  • New loading indicator for the launch screen
  • Added a context menu to photos - long-press to open then
  • Fixed photos not update after existing the search bar
  • Updated the Share App button in Settings
  • Fixed highlights offset slightly in camera
  • Better orientation change handling in Camera

Sep 29, 2021

Version 1.2.10

A couple bug fixes to make sure Find looks great on iOS 15.
  • Fixed - Transparent navigation bar when viewing photos
  • Fixed - Results too large when finding from photos
  • Fixed - Dark status bar when finding from photos
  • Fixed - Text too large in Settings

Also - the v2.0 designs are complete! I’m currently at work converting them into actual code. If you have any suggestions, comments, or whatever, please let me know in the Discord Server.

June 17, 2021

Version 1.2.9

Check out the enhanced camera!
  • Photos that you take are now always clear and produce incredibly accurate results
  • Besides that, there’s some bug fixes
  • Let me know what you think on the feedback form!
June 9, 2021

Version 1.2.8

A couple features to make Find even more useful.
  • 7 new text recognition languages!
    • French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified), and Chinese (Traditional)
  • Redesigned photos slider!
    • Multi-filter support
    • New screenshots category
  • And bug fixes, of course.

April 1, 2021

Version 1.2.7

Thank you, r/iPhone, for your amazing feedback!

I’ve never had this much support for Find before. I’ve added a lot of your feature requests in this update, especially focusing on Accessibility.

  • Full VoiceOver support
  • Comprehensive spoken descriptions for highlights
  • Choose pitches to substitute colors
  • Explore text transcript with your finger
  • Browse photos by swiping up and down
  • Speak how many detected results there are

Here’s some other new stuff:

  • Improved rendering algorithm for faster results
  • 2 new shutter styles - check them out in Settings!
  • App Clip (hopefully nothing went wrong, it’s my first time…)

And the bug fixes:

  • What’s New screen in Chinese on some devices
  • Conflicting gestures when finding from photos

Here’s the current roadmap for future updates:

  1. New languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese
  2. Auto-caching (Automatically cache when you pause the camera) + Chinese support
  3. Translations - thank you u/atosredd and u/metalzero24 for volunteering!
  4. Steadier camera - I’ll work on making it clearer
  5. Lists sharing - share your lists! With import and export support, and possibly an iMessage app.
  6. And even more after the above are completed.

March 13, 2021

Version 1.2.6

Fixed some stuff. Now that Find has a website (this one!), I linked it in the app too.

Bug Fixes

  • Screen fades to black when dismissing photos
  • Placeholder text when requesting photo permissions
  • Stats screen not updating
  • Outdated contact information

March 7, 2021

Version 1.2.5

Some much-needed changes here.

A bunch of improvements to the camera

  • Studying at night? No problem - Find can now use the flashlight!
  • Tap anywhere on the screen to focus
  • New full screen mode
  • Faster launching

Bug Fixes

  • Camera shutter sometimes not tappable
  • Camera freezes after coming back from the App Switcher
  • Settings icon not visible in older iOS versions
  • Photo controls sometimes missing

February 25, 2021

Version 1.2.4

Find is a lot more stable now!

What’s New

  • Slide to select multiple photos quickly
  • Smoother transition when pausing the preview
  • New morphing animation in the Stats button
  • Cleaner interface for the Lists Builder

Bug Fixes

  • Some colors would turn white in dark mode
  • Crash when loading the thumbnail of an animated image
  • Highlights would sometimes not disappear
  • Haptic feedback was off by default
  • Status bar would not hide when viewing photos in full-screen

February 13, 2021

Version 1.2.3

Pushed the last release a bit too hurriedly.

Bug Fixes

  • Incorrect caching progress indicator
  • Full screen photo finding should have dark background

February 12, 2021

Version 1.2.2

Some general improvements.

UI Updates

  • New non-modal interface for caching individual photos

Bug Fixes

  • In Camera, caching progress doesn’t disappear when done
  • Pressing “continue” doesn’t do anything in Photos
  • Keyboard doesn’t hide when transitioning to full screen in Photos
  • Swipe to navigate between tabs is disabled by default

February 6, 2021

Version 1.2.1

Find is now only ~30mb (may vary depending on your device).

Bug Fixes

  • I accidentally left a couple testing images in the app bundle. Combined, that added an extra 40 mb…

February 4, 2021

Super Major Release

Version 1.2.0

It’s 2021, so we added 21 new features! This is Find’s biggest update yet. There's so much new stuff that it seems like a different app, but I've listed out everything below.

What’s New

1. Redesigned navigation - instead of a weird floating button, you now get a nice, clean tab bar.

2. Photos, Camera, and Lists each get their own tab - and you can swipe between them.

3. Complete user interface overhaul.

This time, we mainly focused on improving Photos.

4. Syncing - Photos is now linked to the built-in Photos app on your phone. This means that you can find from all your existing photos, and not just the ones saved from Find.

5. Filters - we added a slider where you can switch between the different types of photos, which are:

• Local - photos saved from Find

• Starred - photos that you’ve starred (do this for the ones that you view the most)

• Cached - cached photos, which churn out results instantly when you find from them

• All - all your photos

6. Refreshed gallery view - photos are now grouped by month instead of day, and displayed in a 4 column layout to take advantage of all available space

7. Resumable finding - you can now switch between the gallery view and the finding sheet without losing your place.

8. Cleaner finding - we polished up all the little shadows and corner radiuses… but also rethought the interaction, so everything is much easier to use.

9. Universal icons - photos will now have the Star or Cache icon everywhere, whether that’s in the gallery view, or the finding sheet.

10. Info sheet - shows the date taken and origin of a photo. Also, for cached photos, you can now copy their transcripts.

There’s even more, but let’s get to Camera.

11. Cleaner layout - gone are the popup and rings from 1.1. Now, the shutter button springs out from the tab bar, supported by 2 buttons at the corners. That animation took quite a while to make!

12. Shutter - we made a bunch of improvements here. Back in 1.1, all it did was take photos. But we realized that people would rather pause the preview, so that’s what it does now.

13. But that’s not all. When you pause the preview, the tab bar is replaced with the Save and Cache buttons.

14. Press Save to take a photo and save it to the photo library (we actually didn’t remove this feature!)

15. You can now also cache directly in the paused preview, getting you faster and more accurate results.

We redesigned Settings too!

16. More modern interface - redesigned to contrast beautifully with the camera, it now has an awesome dark theme.

17. More settings - we added levels for haptic feedback, so you aren’t stuck with just ON or OFF. There’s now also an option to turn off “Swipe to Navigate” if you don’t want to swipe between tabs.

18. Better help center - we’re now using SupportDocs, which is an open-source project of ours.

And finally, Lists.

19. We brought the design refresh to Lists, too - you’ll get more vivid colors and a more fluid experience.

20. The icon gallery view now has 8 columns, making it easier to pick the one you want. We’ve also made the header sticky, so you always know which category you’re browsing.

21. Code-level improvements - Lists in the previous version had a lot of redundant code. We’ve optimized it for a faster and more efficient program.

Well, that’s pretty much all! And Find is still completely free with no ads, even almost a year later. Enjoy, and keep the reviews coming!

October 23, 2020

Version 1.1.5

The order of the screenshots got messed up, so I fixed them in this patch.

Bug Fixes

  • Updated screenshot order

October 21, 2020

Version 1.1.4

More minor updates!

Bug Fixes

  • Updated broken links

September 19, 2020

Version 1.1.3

Minor updates!


  • Faster and more efficient finding

July 30, 2020

**Version 1.1.2

More general improvements.

What’s New

  • Added background blurs
  • Updated support URL

July 8, 2020

**Version 1.1.1

Visual improvements and minor bug fixes.

General Improvements

  • Tutorials appear only when you need them
  • Smoother transitions

Bug Fixes

  • Overlapping text in Photos
  • No Chinese translation when Caching photos

July 3, 2020

Major Release

Version 1.1.0

您好!We've translated Find into Chinese! However, only English and Pinyin are currently supported as input by the text recognition engine.

New Features

  • More focused onboarding and tutorials
  • What’s New screen for displaying new features

Bug Fixes

  • “Ok” button covers up text in the tutorials
  • Icon preview in the Lists Builder appears overly large
  • Overlapping text in the Help screen

Name Changes

  • “History” is now “Photos”
  • “Matches” is now “Words to Find”

April 21, 2020

Version 1.0.2

More general bug fixes and improvements. I had some trouble with the build number, but it turned out fine!

New Features

  • Share photos!
  • Floating Keyboard support (iPad)

Bug Fixes

  • Photos don’t appear in History on first launch
  • Context Menu interaction enabled during selection mode in History
  • Can’t dismiss onboarding
  • During Caching, first and last photos are clipped

General Improvements

  • Minor improvements in Lists Builder
  • Overlays are now also optimized for iPad

April 14, 2020

Version 1.0.1

Some general bug fixes and improvements.

UI Updates

  • History photos have smarter corner radii
  • Improved Dark Mode support
  • Smoother transition when tapping a photo in History (on iPad)

Bug Fixes

  • Photos don’t appear in History on first launch / Crash when tapped
  • Go button partially covered during onboarding
  • Stats menu disappears when a new match is found
  • While finding from History, default highlight color reverts to blue after dismissing zoomed photo
  • Crash on iPad when tapping certain buttons
  • Placeholder image when camera access was denied

General Improvements

  • As long as one photo is not yet cached, tapping Cache when multiple photos are selected will now cache all selected photos
  • Warnings are less obstructive

April 6, 2020

Initial Release

Version 1.0

After almost an year, Find is here! Thanks to everyone who supported me. Without you guys, Find would have just been a fleeting idea.