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Help OpenFind grow! I’m Andrew, the developer of this app. I’m the only one here so I really appreciate your help :D If you have any questions just message me on twitter, reddit, or email.


OpenFind is an open-source app to find text in real life. Look for text anywhere, whether that’s in screenshots, books, or even nutrition labels — all in real time. Find in real-time using the camera and speed through forms and worksheets. Create lists of allergies or dietary restrictions and find unwanted ingredients instantly. OpenFind is faster than the human eye. Search your entire photo library in a split second and organize it with stars.

OpenFind was designed with privacy in mind, so all processes happen offline and nothing ever leaves your phone. There are no servers, no data collection, no analytics, and no internet connection is required.

OpenFind is a free and open-source app. It has no ads, subscriptions, or in-app purchases, and the whole thing is released in the public domain.

Screenshots & Assets

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  • Photos. The fastest way to find what you’re looking for.
    • Get results instantly as you type in the search bar.
    • Organize photos with stars.
    • Search in starred photos, screenshots, or all photos.
    • Superfast scanning (~10 photos per second on iPhone 13).
    • Ignore photos that you don’t want OpenFind to scan.
    • Everything runs 100% offline and nothing ever leaves your device.
  • Camera. Scan through books and worksheets like they’re nothing.
    • Look for text in real-time.
    • Find words in books, forms, and worksheets.
    • Read nutrition labels automatically.
    • Supports zoom, panning, and flash.
    • Supports landscape mode.
  • Lists. Group words together and search for them all at the same time.
    • Works great for allergies and other dietary restrictions.
    • Supports sharing and importing lists via URL.
    • Use Lists anywhere in the app - Photos, Camera, and Settings all work.
  • Search bar. I call it the Findbar™.
    • Add multiple search bars — as many as you would like.
    • Override highlight colors on-the-fly.
  • Settings. Customize extensively.
    • Customize the default tab.
    • Advanced finding options.
    • Advanced highlight options.
    • Change the size of photos.
    • Optimize finding with the camera.
    • Change how lists are sorted.
  • Supports VoiceOver and haptics.

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About the Developer

I’m Andrew Zheng, an iOS developer living in the SF Bay Area. Besides coding, I like to watch anime and play the piano.

Find is my first and most fully-featured app. I originally built it to help out with school, but I think it’s gotten to be pretty useful for stuff beyond that. But anyway, I’m very committed to user privacy. No one likes apps that sell your data. It’s the same with outrageous subscriptions and unskippable ads. So, all of my apps don’t collect data, have subscriptions, or ads.

You can contact me anytime on twitter, reddit, or email.