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OpenFind can scan nutrition labels and help you look out for ingredients. Here’s a demo video.

Find ingredients

OpenFind has no problem picking out “Flour” even though the text is super small.

"Flour" highlighted in the ingredients list


Just point your phone at the label and matching words will get highlighted.

Phone pointed at cereal box with wheat ingredients highlighted

Make custom ingredient lists

Here’s a list containing a bunch of dairy-related ingredients.

List titled "Milk" alongside screenshot of its usage in the camera

Comes with 10+ lists preloaded

Ingredients are pulled straight from the Food Allergy Research & Education association. Some extra lists are included too.

Milk, Egg, and Halal Restrictions lists

Open-source, free forever.

OpenFind is a project run by the community and maintained by Andrew Zheng. The app’s entire source code is available online — edits, suggestions, and remixes are welcome.

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Screenshot of OpenFind with the download link,

Download on the App Store

This app is released in the public domain. Feel free to use it however you’d like :)